Audio and Music Production

I provide different audio production and recording services that include:

  • Podcast production
  • Music recording and production
  • Music composition for videos
  • Audio restore and repair

Podcast production

I can help you make your podcast sound as the best radio show. I can record, repair your audio, edit and mix so that your production engage your audience with a professional quality sound. Here are some examples:

Have you Heard – Podcast on public education hosted by Jennifer Berkshire


Music recording and production

I provide recording and mixing services in my studio in Quincy, MA. I have recorded artists of different countries and musical styles. Here are some of the artists and events I have worked with:

TEDx Berklee Valencia event

Timmer – Singer and songwriter from Chile

Aman Wadwha – Singer and songwriter from India

Music for videos

I combine instrumental recordings, sample libraries, and electronic production techniques to create unique synchronized music for video. This allows me to create a unique sound that will make your video stand out.